As of June 6, 2023, we’ve reached an incredible milestone: 1,000 individuals who were sentenced to life in prison as children are now FREE! Since 2009, we have been fighting alongside family members, formerly incarcerated individuals, survivors of violence, lawyers, legislators, and advocates to reach this landmark. Today, we celebrate these 1,000 individuals and the countless others who were subject to extreme sentences as children and are now free.

Each day, members of the Incarcerated Children’s Advocacy Network (ICAN) demonstrate what we already know to be true: that our communities are safer and stronger with them home. We have celebrated alongside ICAN members as many have become violence intervention and prevention workers, youth mentors, credible messengers, substance abuse counselors, restorative justice practitioners, published authors, renowned artists, college graduates, proud parents, and even Pulitzer Prize winners!

Throughout the month of June, we’ll be working to raise at least $100,000 to ensure that we have the resources to help ICAN members heal and prosper– through self-care initiatives, tech literacy workshops and professional coaching, direct assistance grants, and more. And thanks to a pool of generous donors, including CFSY Board members, your gift will be matched – doubling your impact. Will you make a gift to the CFSY today?

How you can help: