Angel Alejandro

Angel Alejandro is 1 of 1,000. Condemned to die in prison for a crime he committed when he was 15, Angel is one of the 1,000 individuals who were sentenced to juvenile life without parole and are now FREE! While incarcerated, Angel served as a facilitator in the mentoring programs “Alternative to Violence (AVP)” and “Victim Impact” to help people who have committed harm understand how their choices affect others. He educated himself and came home with two degrees and several certifications, including one in Business Entrepreneurship. During his studies, Angel served as a tutor for other students. Today, in his role as the Senior Development Manager for Grants at CFSY, Angel educates diverse stakeholders on issues related to the extreme sentencing of youth. Outside of work, Angel loves working on strategy as an avid chess player and building his ever-expanding collection of sneakers.
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