The Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth (CFSY) is a national nonprofit that leads efforts to ban life without parole and other extreme sentences for children. The CFSY is an equity-driven organization that explicitly works to dismantle the racial disparities, social injustices, and residual harms caused by the legal system. Through partnerships with advocacy organizations, businesses, and other stakeholders, the CFSY supports survivors of youth violence, those incarcerated as children who are still serving or have been released, and their respective families and communities.

Our Values

We care about the people we serve.

We have a responsibility and commitment to advancing racial justice

Directly impacted people bring crucial, unique expertise to the work and should be leaders in reform efforts, and our organization.

We can help make our society more equitable.

We want to help bring healing and contribute to communities’ wholeness.

People coming home deserve our support.

Every individual has value that must be recognized.

We believe in inclusion and embrace diversity.

Investing in staff learning and growth improves our society.

Self-care is a basic need that must be prioritized.

We are driven by our mission and commitment to justice.

We operate with authenticity.

We care about one another.

We lead with integrity and humility.