Christi Cheramie

Christi Cheramie Is 1 of 1,000. At 16 years old in Louisiana, she was condemned to die in prison. After serving 25 years, Christi is one of the 1,000 individuals sentenced to juvenile life without parole who are now FREE! Since coming home, she began working as a Rentry Specialist with our partners Louisiana Parole Project and was recently promoted to a Special Project Coordinator! She is also the primary caseworker for women coming home, many of whom were friends and mentors to her while she was incarcerated. Christi is so grateful for the opportunity to give back to them what they had given her as a young child in prison. Christi says that “Life is about creating memories, especially with those you love. Now that God has blessed me with the opportunity, I plan to enjoy every moment to the fullest!” She enjoys spending time with her partner Frederick and adopted daughter Liberty as they make memories in their new home. “The regrets and pain that was caused to others in the past will forever remain a part of my life. The past does not define who I am, but my life will always be a reflection of God’s grace, and a true example of redemption.”
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