Stacey Torrance

Stacey Torrance is 1 of 1,000. At 14 years old in Philadelphia, he was condemned to die in prison. After serving 30 years, Stacey is one of the 1,000 individuals sentenced to juvenile life without parole who are now FREE! Since coming home, he has been driven by a passion to assist those who are transitioning back into society to become financially stable and empowered, working on various entrepreneurship and employment programs that connect those who are formerly incarcerated with entrepreneurial and employment opportunities. Stacey founded the Free Mind Entrepreneur Network – a website that promotes and highlights start up business owners who were formerly incarcerated and STEP (Skillz and Trade’s Employment Pipeline), an employment directory for those who are formerly incarcerated. Stacey is also a proud member of the speakers bureau, a program constructed by the Youth Sentencing Reentry Project (YSRP) to change the narrative of those once sentenced to JLWOP via story sharing. He enjoys spending time with his wife, running, exercising, writing poetry, learning history, and problem solving.
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