Welcome to Partners for Progress!

The CFSY is excited to launch our new membership program – Partners for Progress! Partners for Progress is for people who are passionate about racial justice and energized to change the U.S. criminal legal system. The United States is the only country in the world that allows children, mostly Black children and children of color, to be sentenced to die in prison. It’s our mission to change that!

We’ve made great progress – 25 states currently ban juvenile life without parole sentences – but we clearly have more to do and we need you. Join Partners for Progress today and be part of the timely and critical movement to ensure the age-appropriate and racially equitable treatment of all children.

Partners for Progress is designed specifically for recurring monthly donors who give a minimum of $25/month, for a minimum of one year. Collectively, these contributions provide CFSY the resources and peace of mind to sustain our critical programming with individuals directly impacted by the criminal legal system – click here to Meet ICAN Members! – and maintain our rigorous advocacy efforts year round.

Together we can end extreme sentencing of children!

Members of Partners for Progress will enjoy:

  • Customized opportunities to be proximite with and get to know CFSY staff and members of our Incarcerated Children’s Advocacy Network.
  • VIP access to virtual and in-person events, including invite-only events and exclusive swag.
  • Curated communications on the movement to end the extreme sentencing of children, self- and community-care, and highlights from our staff and ICAN members.
  • Belonging to a like-minded, action-oriented community dedicated to racial justice and equity, and a direct connection to the movement and its members.

For more information about Partners for Progress, or to talk with us about introducing this membership program as part of your employment engagement programs, please contact Grace Cutting (gcutting@cfsy.org) or Anna Melbin (amelbin@cfsy.org).