Abd'Allah Lateef

Abd’Allah Wali Lateef is the Senior Strategic Advisor & Racial Equity Specialist at the Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth. After conducting several months of exploratory contract work for the campaign, Abd’Allah officially joined the CFSY team in January of 2019. 

In spite of being condemned to JLWOP (also known as Death by Incarceration) and without hope or expectation of ever being released, Abd’Allah managed to transform himself into a remarkable human being. While incarcerated, he studied legal jurisprudence and he ultimately matured into a leader that engendered respect from both inmates and prison administrators alike. While petitioning to overturn his “life without parole” sentence, Abd’Allah engaged himself in numerous learning, leadership, and mentoring roles within the prison.

Since his release, Abd’Allah has continued his youth advocacy and sentencing reform efforts. Today, along with being the PA-ICAN Coordinator for the Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth, Abd’Allah is also the Chairman, Pro Tempore, of Life-After-Life, Inc., a member of the Philadelphia Reentry Coalition, a member of the University of Pennsylvania’s Goldring Reentry Initiatives Advisory Board and a Philadelphia Reentry Think Tank Fellow.