In New Haven, police chiefs from around the nation talk about juvenile justice

NEW HAVEN >> More than 30 police chiefs flocked to Yale this week, coming from as far as California, Colorado and as close as the New Haven Police Department, as the city played host to a three day symposium on juvenile justice.

The Law Enforcement Leadership Institute of Juvenile Justice holds these conferences across the country. They are sponsored by the International Association of Police Chiefs and funded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

“We are looking to influence law enforcement executives and law enforcement leaders to make juvenile justice a priority,” said Aviva Kurash, senior program manager for IACP.

On Wednesday, Mayor Toni Harp gave the opening remarks and welcomed the many chiefs and other attendees to the city. Topics included law enforcement and school collaboration, serious and chronic offenders, racial and ethnic disparities and building trust with young people. The three day symposium was a mix of speeches and roundtable discussions.

“We’re asking them to change their philosophies and not just put in projects or programs or training, though that’s an important piece of it. We’re talking about culture and philosophy,” Kurash said.

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By Ryan Flynn June 24, 2015