In Memoriam

In the past several months, our community lost three beloved individuals: Grace Warren, Timothy “TJ” Spytma, and Glen Mitchell. Each of them represented the power and strength of our community. The Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth sends our condolences to the friends and families of these three passionate advocates for youth justice and dedicate our advocacy this year to their memory.

The Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth would like to thank the friends and family of TJ Spytma who have graciously donated to our efforts in his honor. 

“Grace, I thank you for making me a stronger, better advocate for justice. But I am most grateful for the model you set for me, and all who knew you, of how to serve as an unconditionally loving, devoted mother.” – Jody Kent Lavy

“After serving four decades in prison TJ Spytma became a free man in 2014. In the past two years, since his release, he had been an asset to his community; a wonderful family member and friend to those in his life; and an ICAN member who had an extraordinary voice for children serving extreme sentences in the American criminal justice system. Rest in peace TJ.” – Xavier McElrath Bey
“Glen Mitchell personified grace, mercy and forgiveness. One of my most treasured and humbling experiences is when I interviewed him at length alongside Ellis Curry. Glen demonstrated warmth and genuine care for Ellis. He had no desire for retribution. His focus then and whenever I spoke with him was on creating a better world. Glen was a class act and a true warrior in our movement. He will be greatly missed.” – James Ross

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