Sean Taylor

At only 17 years old, Sean made a terrible decision that would change his life forever. A former gang member who grew up in Colorado during the late eighties, he entered the prison system early, sentenced to spend the rest of his life there. Though others may have lost hope in similar circumstances, Sean was dedicated to bettering himself and others leading gang intervention work while incarcerated. After serving 22 years, his life sentence was commuted by Governor Ritter and he was released.

Sean took full advantage of his second chance for a fresh start and continued the self-improvement journey he started in prison to become the deputy director and certified fitness instructor of Second Chance Center. Currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in nonprofit management, Sean leads by genuine example, driven to help others succeed and avoid the pitfalls of criminal behavior. He also sits on several committees addressing gang issues in Denver and Aurora and has been featured in the documentary, “Lost for Life”.