Angel Alejandro

Angel Alejandro joined the CFSY in February of 2020 and serves as Senior Development Manager for Grants on the Development team. In this role, Angel works closely with the Development team to help educate diverse stakeholders on issues related to extreme sentencing.

Angel was incarcerated at the age of 18 for a crime he committed when he was 15, and he was not released from prison until the age of 39. He spent his time incarcerated educating himself and came home with two degrees and several certifications, including one in Business Entrepreneurship.  During his studies, Angel served as a tutor for other students as well as a facilitator in the mentoring programs “Alternative to Violence (AVP)” and “Victim Impact” to help people who have committed harm understand how their choices affect others. He is also a member of the Incarcerated Children’s Advocacy Network (ICAN), an initiative of the CFSY which amplifies the voices and leadership of formerly incarcerated youth.

Outside of work, Angel relishes his role as an uncle to his ever-expanding family and rediscovering his hometown of NYC. He also loves to work on strategy as an avid chess player.