NETWORK, a Catholic advocacy organization for justice and peace, signs on as an official supporter

NETWORK, a national Catholic social justice lobby, has joined on to our Statement of Principles as a CFSY Official Supporter, helping grow the movement for age-appropriate sentencing for kids. NETWORK is a global leader in the Catholic movement for justice and peace, and lobbies, educates, and organizes around economic justice, immigration, healthcare, and incarceration issues. NETWORK focuses on placing the voices of those affected by these issues at the center of these discussions. NETWORK also is known for their Nuns on the Bus education tours, encouraging voter registration and participation.

The Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth and NETWORK share the work of justice in sentencing, and both organizations work to amplify the voices and stories of those affected by the issues that we work to fix. NETWORK is a dedicated organization of people who we are thrilled to add to our movement. We are excited to partner with NETWORK moving forward!

Read NETWORK’s blog post about ending life-in-prison sentences for kids