Major Associated Press series on life without parole for youth

The Associated Press published a major series on sentencing children to life without parole. Read some of the coverage below.

AP Investigation: A patchwork of justice for juvenile lifers

AP: Juvenile life ruling affects some with parole option

After Life Without Parole, Two Held for Decades Savor Freedom

A Victim, a Lawmaker, a Judge: Voices in Juvie Reform Debate

A victim turns reformer

The soon-to-be parolee

No life without parole in Hawaii for those younger than 18

Ruling on minors’ life sentences has little Kansas impact

North Carolina
Dozens in North Carolina await review of no-parole sentences

5 former teen offenders free in Nevada after changes in law

Pennsylvania grapples with new sentences for juvenile lifers

Vermont law already prohibits juvenile life without parole