Juvenile lifer Anthony Jones may one day walk, but fate of others left unanswered

By John Barnes, MLive.com
When Michigan “juvenile lifer” Anthony Jones was resentenced this week, he was given  the chance  to some day go free in the 1979 death of a store owner.
But because the unprecedented decision that lifted Jones’  life-without-parole sentence will not be challenged,  the question of whether other juvenile lifers deserve similar reconsideration — or not —  is left unanswered.
Avoiding that possibility had no bearing on the decision not to appeal, assistant Kalamazoo County Prosecutor Heather Bergmann said. That Jones,  50,  received a more severe sentence when he was 17 than the teen who pulled the trigger did, Bergmann said.
“We were unaware of all that history when we first took on the case,” she said. “We’re happy with the result. We believe it’s fair.”
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