Juvenile Justice Week of Faith and Healing

The 2012 Juvenile Justice Week of Faith and Healing (JJWFH) is March 5th – 11th. The week was started two years ago by the Healing and Justice Coalition in California and has been successful in raising awareness on juvenile justice issues. The JJWFH serves as an opportunity for us to reach out to faith communities and begin the conversation on life without parole for youth. More importantly, engaging faith communities is a way in which you can help to advance our mission and educate your community.

In addition, do not feel constricted to only the first full week in March–engaging faith communities is a year-round goal! In fact, we have a number events and activities planned before, during, and after March 5th – 11th.

Not quite sure how to get started? Please take a look at our Faith Leader Engagement Toolkit and addendum: JJWFH Faith Leader Toolkit 2012JJWFH Toolkit Addendum (2012). It will take you through a step-by-step process in how to effectively work with faith leaders and their communities.