Community Prosperity Ambassadors Network

The Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth (CFSY) has long recognized the essential role of corporate partners not only in the fight to end the extreme sentencing of children but in creating the opportunity for our directly-impacted (DI) community to thrive upon release.  In 2019, our Community Prosperity Initiative (CPI) was established to promote volunteerism through Collaboration, Cooperation, Coalition Building, and DI Community Engagement and Support. This initiative is part of the CFSY’s national social justice strategy aimed at supporting the human dignity, wellness, and full restoration and reintegration of people who are returning to their communities after being condemned to life without the possibility of parole or other extreme prison sentences as children. Working alongside members of the Incarcerated Children’s Advocacy Network (ICAN), the National Family Network (NFN), and diverse private sector partners, the CPI aims to provide emergency resources and critical reintegration service support to help people who are returning home, and their families, to thrive.

Since the launch of the CPI, we have seen the transformational impact of bringing together our DI community and our private sector partners. Rooted in the knowledge and experience of our shared humanity, we have made great strides in beginning to establish the social change needed to create a just and equitable society. 

In an effort to convene corporate leaders with leaders who have been directly impacted by the extreme sentencing of youth, we are launching the Community Prosperity Ambassadors Network (CPAN). CPAN is a space where our corporate partners and directly impacted community members can strategize, thought-partner, and share their lived experiences with the intention to bolster corporate social responsibility and racial equity efforts,  generate innovative approaches to our work, and facilitate deep connection and relationship-building among individuals who don’t usually come together. 

Community Prosperity Ambassadors will:

  • Be on the forefront of the movement to end systemic racism and create a more just and equitable society;
  • Deepen your personal commitment to justice, as well as your broader corporate responsibility goals; and
  • Create meaningful, impactful systemic changes that go beyond the surface by being proximate to directly-impacted leaders and learning first-hand the challenges they face upon re-entry.

To learn more, please contact the CFSY at [email protected].