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New Washington D.C. law provides review opportunities!

Legislation recently passed by the D.C. Council will provide review opportunities to hundreds of people sentenced as children in Washington, D.C. to extreme prison terms. The Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth worked closely with the Council and a coalition of local organizations to pass this legislation. Because the District of Columbia does not […]

North Dakota bans life-without-parole prison sentences for children

Bismarck, North Dakota, April 20, 2017 – North Dakota Governor Burgum, (R), has signed into law HB 1195, making North Dakota the 19th state to ban these death-in-prison sentences for children. The sentences also are not allowed in the District of Columbia.   HB 1195 ensures that no child in North Dakota will be sentenced to die […]

District of Columbia Abolishes Life Without Parole for Children

The Comprehensive Youth Justice Amendment Act, which was sponsored by Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie, is now in effect after passing the D.C. Council unanimously on November 1st, 2016 and passing a 60-day period of Congressional review. At least 100 people serving extreme sentences for crimes committed as children will now have the opportunity for sentencing review […]

Conservative States Giving Juveniles a Second Chance

When Arkansas last week became the 18th state — and first in the Deep South — to ban life-without-parole sentences for children, it joined a series of traditionally red states to end the practice in recent years. One need only look at a map of the issue to see states like Utah, South Dakota, and West […]

Arkansas Abolishes Life Without Parole for Children!

CFSY Senior Advisor & National Advocate Xavier McElrath-Bey, Arkansas Representative Rebecca Petty, and Linda White Dear friends, Amazing news! Arkansas, a state that ranks sixth for sentencing the most youth to life without parole, has abolished the sentence for youth under the age of 18! It becomes the first state in the Deep South to […]