Heather Renwick

Heather Renwick joined the CFSY team in 2014. She currently serves as co-deputy director alongside Abd’Allah Lateef, leading the organization’s initiatives around people, culture, and strategy. Heather previously served as CFSY legal director, overseeing the CFSY’s litigation, parole, and legislative advocacy.

Heather graduated from Northwestern School of Law, and worked as a clinical fellow at Northwestern’s Children and Family Justice Center after graduation, coordinating a study on juvenile parole in Illinois. Following her clinical fellowship, Heather worked as an attorney at WilmerHale in Washington D.C. with a practice focused on investigations and criminal litigation.
Heather also received a Fulbright Fellowship to research issues of trafficking in Bulgaria, worked in Washington, DC and Nairobi, Kenya on issues of pre-trial detention and violence against minors, and has taught trial advocacy in Ukraine.

Heather lives in New Haven, CT with her wife and two children.