Grace Cutting

Immediately following her March 2021 graduation from UCLA, Grace Cutting joined the CFSY team. She interned remotely for the organization in 2020 and felt so strongly about its mission that she decided to come back as a full-time staff member!

Grace developed a special interest in in the criminal legal system when her father was sentenced to federal prison in 2018. She has seen firsthand the ineffectual and detrimental nature of a carceral environment, in addition to the harm it causes inmates’ loved ones on the outside. In her junior year at UCLA, she participated in the UCDC program, during which she held a Policy Analysis internship with the Council for Court Excellence and conducted a research project examining how incarceration in the U.S. impacts the quality of life and reentry processes of formerly incarcerated individuals compared to the Nordic model of criminal justice and corrections.

Shortly after her quarter in DC, Grace became a Board Advisor for DC Project Connect (DCPC), a local nonprofit working to provide crisis intervention and reentry services to families affected by incarceration. She is currently working on a special project designed to help older children and teens talk to their peers about a loved one’s incarceration and maintain their sense of self.

Grace holds a B.A. in Psychology with a specialization in Public Policy. Her personal passions and areas of advocacy include prisoners’ rights, sentencing reform, and mental health. In her free time, you can find her reading true crime novels, making Spotify playlists, and searching for the best matcha latte in D.C.