Anna Melbin

Anna Melbin joined CFSY in March 2019 as the Director of Strategic Partnerships. In this role, Anna leads the CFSY’s work with the corporate sector to change systems and create opportunities for those coming home after decades in prison. Anna identifies and cultivates diverse partnerships with businesses to provide job training, employment, mentoring, and a range of other services and resources for people returning to their communities after prison, while helping these partners meet their social impact and JDEI goals. Working in collaboration with directly impacted individuals, Anna also creates opportunities to educate diverse stakeholders on issues related to racial justice, extreme sentencing, and the realities faced by those returning from prison.

Anna has worked for social change for 25 years, with a focus on equipping diverse entities to increase their impact and affect equity and justice for those experiencing poverty, violence, and oppression. She has held multiple national advocacy and social justice positions, and is a seasoned public and keynote speaker. She holds Masters degrees in Public Policy and Social Work from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

When not working, Anna is in her garden, cooking, or hiking the beautiful Maine landscape with her partner and dogs.